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Robotic Surgery

SMART surgery ( Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique ) is an innovative technique, a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (PLR), developed by Dr. Samadi, which reduces the surgical time to less than two hours and the recovery hospital stay to less than 24 hours.

Dr. Samadi performs robotic prostate cancer surgery using the da Vinci robotic system. This minimally invasive procedure employs the latest advances in robotics and computerized technology to remove the cancerous prostate.

The surgeon's console houses the master controls used by Dr. Samadi to manipulate the patient-side cart and EndoWrist instruments. Dr. Samadi's expert hands, translated to the EndoWrists, control all of the robot's movements. It remains the surgeon who is in control of the robot at all times throughout the procedure.

During the procedure Dr. Samadi has a 3D view of the surgical field through the Insite vision system. This is a great improvement over the traditional surgery and the 2D view of laparoscopic surgery. High definition video cameras give 10X to 15X magnification for greater depth perception and a clearer field of view. It allows enhanced visualization of the prostate capsule, while taking care of the neurovascular bundles responsible for erectile function and reconnecting the urethra to the bladder.

The robotic surgery capability provided by the system da Vinci offers various advantages over the traditional laparoscopic surgical approach to treating prostate cancer compared objectively in the following areas:

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